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Check back soon to see which national, best-selling authors will be entertaining guests at the 2012 Celebration!

Below is a reminder of last year’s fantastic Celebration of Reading Author lineup:

Laura Bush -
Mrs. Laura Bush is actively involved in issues of national and global concern, with a particular emphasis on education, health care and human rights. And through her travels to more than seventy-six countries, Mrs. Bush has helped launch groundbreaking educational and healthcare programs for women. Mrs. Bush holds a degree in education with a master’s degree in library science. She taught in public schools in Dallas, Houston and Austin and worked as a school librarian. In 1977, she met and married George Walker Bush.
She wrote a memoir entitled "Spoken from the Heart" In the memoir, she reveals her public triumphs and personal tribulations and the story of real life inside the White House.

Donovan Campbell -
Donovan Campbell graduated with honors from Princeton University and Harvard Business School, finished first in his class at the Marines' Basic Officer Course, and served three combat deployments--two in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon and a Bronze Star with Valor for his time in Iraq and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for Afghanistan Mr. Campbell is the author of the New York Times best-seller JOKER ONE, published by Random House in 2009. He is now working for PepsiCo and living in Dallas, Texas, with his wife and two children.

Nathan D. Wilson -
Nathan D. Wilson is part-time lecturer at New Saint Andrews College, named Fellow of Literature in 2004. He gained international attention with an essay entitled "Father Brown Fakes the Shroud." Multiple news sources featured the essay, including Discovery Channel News, ABC's World News Tonight, the BBC, Good Morning America, Der Spiegel and The Daily Show. The piece applied the paradigm analysis of G.K. Chesteron's literary detective, Father Brown, to the mystery of the Shroud of Turin. Soon after earning his master’s, he wrote two novella-length satires of evangelical apocalyptic fiction (Right Behind and Supergeddon) but has left such misbehavior behind him. His latest project consists of a children’s trilogy with "100 Cupboards," "Dandelion’s Fire" and "Chestnut King."

Zoe -
Zoe “Don’t joke me!” Activities: I love playing dress-up and driving my soapbox car around Sesame Street, preferably with my pet rock, Rocco. Interests: Big Bird (who is my favorite friend in the entire world) jewelry and barrettes. Of course, I also have a soft spot for my dolly Mimi and red monsters that giggle. Pet Peeves: When other people get more attention than me, sitting still, and the training wheels on my bicycle. About Me: I am known for talking at very high speeds and my beautiful ballet skills. I sometimes get so excited that my words cannot get out fast enough. I can also get jealous if I don’t get enough attention.



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